1. User account unlocking feature:

Using this feature you can unlock user's account (admin, BDA) after multiple attempts of wrong password. Once a user account is locked, you can see the locked status on the User list page.

You can then edit the user account status and clear the “locked out” checkbox.

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Reset password option:

Once a user account is locked, you may need to resend the password link to the user. Once the link is sent, the option to resend the link get disabled for 10 minutes. You can also change the password from Control Panel. Go to 'Settings>Permissions>Store operator > Manage password.' to manage the password.

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2. Feed Manager enhancements.

a. Multi-language support for feed:

You can generate feeds in many languages in addition to primary language by using "Language specification" configuration under Manage feeds.

Language fallback: Enabling “Set language fallback” configuration, generates feed in primary language when data is not available in selected secondary language.

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b. Auto-inclusion of new categories in feed.

Exclude category config: To include any new categories added to site automatically in feed, you need to select exclude category and then select the categories that are to be excluded from the feed (like test categories). Except for excluded categories, all others will be part of the generated feed.

When you select the include category option, all the categories must be selected manually. Any new categories that can be added in future will not be added automatically to feed.

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Future enhancements in feed manager:

1. Multi-language support for attributes.

2. Include/Exclude attributes : Option to automatically include any new attributes that a Merchant adds to the site.

3. Language based pdp url support for sites using language code in Urls

4. Google category field support in multi-language.

Products Active on EN-TH, Inactive on TH-TH | ASICS TH (Dual Language) : MJ-46177