1. Duplicate transaction issue has been resolved. (MJ-44707)
    Client-side (browser cookie) and Server-side validation (saving transaction ID in DB) have been added to prevent duplicate transaction event.
  2. Online payments are now being captured. (MJ-44698 & MJ-44157)
    Online transaction issue for Aigner and Asics (Mol Pay) has been fixed.
  3. Checkout funnel has been updated.
    Checkout behavior in GA will now reflect the number of users clicking on the Checkout Button.
    Reference link for Checkout event triggers: Link
    NOTE: The checkout labels in GA has to be updated to reflect the checkout steps.
    Checkout labeling is available in View settings > E-Commerce set-up
  4. Incorrect IP address issue has been fixed for Tealium (MJ-45319)

GA view setting has to be updated (Point 3) if checkout labelling is being used for a merchant. No other changes in GA or GTM are required.

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