SMS Dashboard, Pre-configure shipment LBHW, and Logistic name for custom Provider

1) SMS Dashboard and Reports

SMS Dashboard and SMS Reports pages on the control panel are modified to support quicker search, faster page load and better reporting. Below are the salient points:

  • SMS Reports – Ability to search SMS records with hour and minute filters
  • SMS Reports – Ability to search SMS records for a particular end-customer mobile number
  • SMS Reports – Ability to search SMS records for a particular communication event
  • SMS Dashboard and Reports – Default list of records are restricted to the last 7 days for both these pages

SMS Dashboard – The section on ‘SMS Events - Usage for last 30 Days’ is removed. This section wasn’t scale-able for new communication events; in addition real-time data fetch was impacting page load performance. Instead of getting summary data from this section, a merchant could get list of SMS records for an from the ‘Reports’ sections.

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2) Auto-Populate Shipment Dimensions/Weight and Default Courier Name for Custom Provider

Shipment creation now supports auto-population of shipment length, breadth, height, and weight. The configuration could be done separately for each of the configured logistics providers and custom logistics provider.

In addition, a merchant could now define default shippers name for the custom logistics provider. Also, the merchant could define default AWB number for the customer logistics provider.

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