Performance improvement: facts (attributes) has been added to define offer (cart promotion) conditions on :

distinct product count in cart

 distinct variant count in cart .

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B. removal of redundant discount types in CP

 product offer price and product price discount has been merged as a single entity, user can configure the product offer price discount using the offer price drop-down under product price discount.

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C. cart api compatibility for PWA (and APP's) applications

To configure buy x and get x/y scenarios on PWA (and mobile apps ) ,we have made the cart API compatible for dev consumption. Dev api response is enriched with the incomplete rules data payload which can be consumed & leveraged by developers to design buy x and get x/y scenarios on apps.

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D. edit voucher feature on platform (CP)

CP users are now allowed to edit the voucher attributes including voucher usage limit per user & per voucher through platform.

Logs are being tracked now to give the visibility of changes done on voucher.

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Note : this is only released for discount voucher campaign , same feature will be introduced for cart promotion campaigns in the next release .

Tax calculator and Store Locator performance fixes 

1. removed uncertainty & achieved predictability in server response time to calculate tax in cart services

~reduced server response time on tax calculations , Confluence link for load test results.

2. Bug fixes on 

- incorrect vat calculation on voucher applications, MJ-40117

- incorrect tax calculation on SF in cases where user update delivery address at checkout MJ-40209

- CP settings to include/exclude discount (cart promotion) in tax calculation not working

3. migration of store locator API to v2

-improved throughput and reduction in server response time for 99th percentile , performance reports on individual components - confluence link.