Preview, Save Draft and Publish in New Communication Service

The new communication service now supports preview and publish workflow. With this workflow, a new template or change in existing template for Email and SMS requires a control panel user to generate a ‘preview’ before the template could be ‘published’ to production. In addition, the control panel user could now save template changes as a ‘draft’.

 Note: The above workflow is currently supported in new communication service (Settings > Mail Manager > Manage Communication Events). As we are planning to migrate the old communication configuration pages to the new one in a couple of sprints, the preview and publish workflow will become the standard workflow. So it is recommended that all new email and SMS are configured using new configuration pages (Settings > Mail Manager > Manage Communication Events)

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All RDLCs available for Configuration on the Control Panel

All the RDLCs that are required to generate document-based reports (like invoice and dispatch) are now available on the control panel. In addition, the control panel now provides the default version of the RDLC along with the currently configured version for a given merchant.

Further, the RDLC titles are renamed to provide the correct business context e.g. ‘Invoice Reports’ RDLC, which is used for order copy configuration has been renamed to ‘Order click will display ‘No File Available’ error message)

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 Note: To make the navigation of RDLC configuration consistent with other entities, the RDLC settings are moved to Application Settings > Order Settings (earlier the configuration was available in Application Settings > Checkout Settings).