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API For Coupon Detail

Client want to put the wording "Get Free Coupon INDONESIA RAYA 100K" if you purchase this item. this wording will appear on the product page 800001001 in their eCommerce.

The question is which API we can get this coupon detail? so they can put in our eCommerce by automatically

Kindly need your help on this

Hi Harsha,

Not yet. Will try to use the API then

Thank you in advance :)

Hi Team

Client need to know which API can call an active campaign with the benefit of a coupon or with item_code.

Let's say, they want o check, is there any active incentive/campaign for item_code 555555? so, they want to customer knows, when they buy product 55555, they will get a coupon after payment.

Is it possible?

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