Forum Guidelines

Purpose & Usage

To talk about exciting new releases, announcements, and any product changes that should know about.

  • Track product ideation/requirement gathering - Capillary stakeholders.

  • Provide  a unified platform for users to easily post questions, and access  product updates whenever required and reduce noise on different channels  such as Dr. Product and Flock.

  • Keep users updated on the latest releases and product announcements.

  • Increase product adoption and customer engagement.


  • Currently,  the forum categories and posts are available for everyone to view.  However, posting new topics and replying to someone's post is only for  internal users.

  • This is not the place to log bugs and issues in the product.

Forum management

  • Targeted for internal stakeholders such as PMs, Pre-sales, Marketing, Solution Architects, and CSMs.

  • PMs  to act as Moderators and involve in actively addressing forum  questions. This can be slowly enabled for other Product Team members and  later on for all internal team members mentioned above.

Spam and abuse

  • To keep the community free of spam and respect people who use it in the right way, please keep the conversation in tone with the topic or argument with no promotional links or cross branding.
  • If any such thing is identified, please bring it to the moderators to flag spam. 

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